The Hidden Agenda Of Baba Ramdev & A Cm

Baba Ramdev is a very smart and a clever person. He knows marketing himself successsfully, like the CM of a western State does. He is always a step ahead of his opponents. He always portrays any attack on himself as an attack on his followers,supporters and Indian culture. Exactly as the CM also does.

He started as a ordinary yoga teacher. Soon the Baba soon found that there was a huge unfulfilled demand for yoga among the well fed to overfed and those who felt it could help them overcome long standing medical problems. The Baba took no time to skillfully

convert  this growing need into a health related want and by managing the resultant demand he aggressively marketed it all over the country. The yoga buffs saw a modern day messiah emerge from the mist of modernity. The supporters of ancient Indian culture and its practices extended their support to him.

Soon the country was in midst of a yoga revolution. The Baba was travelling thru the length and breadth of the country giving yoga lessons.  He took no time to realise the huge oppurtunity that was available for gainful exploitation. Soon he started talking about the medical benefits of yoga and how he had successfully cured people with uncurable diseases which modern medicine could not treat. He started the manufacture of medicines in Haridwar. The cycle was complete.

Huge attendences in well publicised yoga camps resulted in high sales of his medicines and money started flowing in abundance.The famous came to his yoga camps. The electronic media gave him world wide exposure. He stared going abroad to popularise Indian yoga. All the time he would also talk

of Indian culture and its neglect.

The Baba saw in yoga the same potential that the CM of the western state saw in polarisation of the communities. There was an oppurtunity to gainfully exploit and emerge as the leader. Needed was good marketing skills. Soon the Baba started speaking to the huge audiences at his camps on issues other than yoga and ancient Indian culture. He found the people lapping up his barbs and taunts at the political class. Exactly the way the CM used to taunt a community and the rival politicians and send his audiences into raptures.

The Baba finally narrowed down his agenda to a single point of black money stashed abroad and made its being brought back into the country as his life time mission. The CM also found a single point agenda of development and made it mission.

Both of them, these days are very dedicatedly working towards fulfilling their missions.However, hidden in these missions are higher missions. Both want to occupy positions of influence that will give them an all India span. Any one coming in the way will be dealt with firmly. Opponents have to be either pushed into submission or sidelined. Beginning August onwards, the next six months are going to be very critical, in their future roles in the Indian society. 

Both are self appointed crusaders for well known causes and their journey will be very interesting to watch as it cannot succeed with out the support of the vast majority of Indians.

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