Hasarvind Kejriwal Used Anna Hazare ?

The parting of ways between Anna Hazare and Arvind Kejriwal is a big blow to the movement against corruption in the country. A movement which caught the fancy of the nation like never before in independent India has now lost its teeth. Anna without Kejriwal may still count but will the reverse be true. 

Anna lent the movement a huge moral aura which attracted Indians across the nation especially the youth. One saw  flashes of the fight for indepedence struggle led by Gandhi. In fact Anna was repeatedly compared with the mahatama.

Anna's record of past fights against corruption in Maharashtra had

shaken the Central Government into action and Lok Sabha passed the Lokpal Bill in a tearing hurry. It is sheer bad luck that it fell through in the Rajya Sabha. Almost every one cutting across political parties, supported Anna's demand for an effective Lokpal as a counter against corruption.

However, as it now turns out , Anna was perhaps being used by some of his team members to launch themselves into politics. As unknown quantities they would never have made it. So they formed the launching pad of India Against Corruption and used Anna as a fuel propellent to blast their rockets into the Indian political space. They don't need the fuel any more as they are now (so they think) safely in India's political space orbit.

Whatever little morality  was there in the movement has now been lost. The metamorphosis into a political battle has taken place. Characterstically Anna has disassociated himself  from it and also prohibited use of his name or photo by any poltical party that his ex

colleauges will now launch.

It is doubtful if Anna can again launch a movement against corruption as was done by him last year. It is not possible to capture the imagination of the masses again. His own colleagues have let him down or rather skillfully used him to furthur their careers.

How will the people of India respond? Will they rally around the likes of Kejriwal and Bhushans and Sisodias? Only time will tell. As of today it seems doubtful if one is to go by the response they got when Kejriwal sat on a fast recently and he was still with Anna. Baba Ramdev had to come to their rescue. 

All  in all people will still have respect and regard for Anna. They may still take to the streets in modest numbers if he gives a call. But will it  be as effective as before. Again time only will tell.

The persons hailing from India's business communities have successfully used a simple kissan and jawan to create a space for themselves in the Indian political arena. They told him Anna tum sangarsh karo, hum tumhare saath hai and now it is Anna tum aaram karo, hum tumhare saath hai.

But we must all thank Anna for leading the movement passionately in an honest manner and show the people the power of morality. 


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