Football World Cup Creates Economic Opportunity In India

The World Cup football matches in Brazil have come as a boon to late night food delivery restaurants in India with orders.

A pleasant fall out of the ongoing football World Cup in Brazil, is the rise in business of late night food suppliers in many Indian cities especially Mumbai, Kolkatta, Delhi, Chennai etc.

There is nearly 10 hour difference in time between India and Brazil. Thus when it is day there it is night in India.

The first match of the day in Brazil is played at 9.30 PM Indian time. The next match is played at 12.30 AM and the last match is played at 3.30 AM India time.

Die hard fans will like to watch all the matches at least the first two.

Even though India is not playing, the fans of football are in large numbers spread throughout the country, but more so in the states of Bengal, Kerala, Goa, North Eastern States, Sikkim and the metropolitan cities. 

After Cricket, football is the second most watched game in India. The TV channel which has got the rights to telecast the match has already sold more than 70% of its advertisement time at very good rates. It is hoping to earn still higher prices when the tournament enters the quarter and semi final stages and viewership goes up.

With this sort of fan following during the Indian nights, it is but natural that people would feel hungry and also try to enjoy in groups.

This has resulted in a significant increase in the online food delivery restaurants orders,

for deliveries through the night. On days that certain teams like Brazil, England, Germany and Argentina are playing the orders go up, as these teams have a fan following in the country.

The average per order bill has also seen a jump from Rs 500 to Rs 700 in the last week. It is expected that the bill values will go up further touching Rs 900 per order, especially during weekend matches. The late night food chains are introducing attractive discount offers to entice the customers. Lucky draws are also being offered.

Publicity is  made on social websites like Twitter and Facebook for the attention of the net savy young football fans.

The fans are showing a marked preference for pizzas, burgers, pastas, noodles, sandwiches and wraps. An Indian style wraps fast food chain has also seen its orders go up significantly beyond midnight. Orders  accepted during half time of matches and repeat customers are given discounts ranging from 20 to 25%.

So while fans across India are watching matches being played in Brazil, the Indian food industry is earning its share from the global craze  for football. After all the next such chance will come in 2018. Make hay while the moon shines.

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