Five Wives Rape A Husband To Death -- Why?

It is unimagineble but true. In an Nigerian city, hold your breath, a man was raped to death by not one not two but five wives. The reason being that he was paying too much attention to the sixth and the youngest wife.

The five wives ganged up due to intense jealousy and the person named Uroko Onoja was allegedly raped to death by his very own wives. This event is reported by a leadinde Nigerian Daily in its online section.

It was while Onoja was having sex with his sixth and youngest wife that the other wives launched an attack on

him armed with sticks and knives. They demanded that he should have sex with all of them at once.

He resisted them but had to give in to their demands. The wives asked him to start having sex with the youngest wife and continue in that order to the oldest wife. Could a man ask for anything more. Many a men must have dreamed of such situations in happier times and successfully performed. But in reality things turn out to be very different.

Poor Onoja performed with four wives. When the fifth wife  was approaching the bed, he breathed his last. Realising that the husband is dead the five wives

ran into the forest. Only the sixth wife stayed back to narrate the tale to the police who are now investigating. It is reported that two wives have already been arrested.

When it is difficult to handle one wife here was a person handling six wives. Everytime he remarried he must have been creating resentment in the previous wives. Till five of them found common ground and attacked him. 

Is it possible for a man to take multiple wives and be able to equally satisfy them? Perhaps not. The main reason could be a natural limit to a man's ability to perform continously. There are stories one hears of particular persons fantastic abilities to repeatedly perform in the bed, but these are obiviously highly exaggerated to create a image of bravado. The reality is totally different.

While sympathising with Ojona, the lesson to be learnt by men desirous of taking multiple wives or partners, is how to tackle the situation if all of them want sex at once. It is either perform or perish.

Poor Onoja he partlly performed  and fully perished.

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