Fair Or Unfair To Have Fair Skin.

It has come as no surprise to note that the column entitled "50 fairness tips----" has emerged as the most popular column of all times on Expertscolumn.com site. The obsession of Indians for fair color or white color is too well known by now. All Indian ladies skin should be of  fair color and nothing less will do. All other hues of color are compromises.The cosmetic companies are minting millions of rupees by marketing products claiming to make skin fair and more fair.

The height of it all is that it is now claimed in an ad for Clean and Dry

Intimate Wash,a feminine hygiene product that sort of guarantees to deliver a fresher and fairer vaginas.isn't it now stretching the absurd Indian  obsession with white skin beyond limits of even extreme imagination.

Why are Indian's so fascinated by white and fair skin? Is it due to colonial hangover where the ruling class consisted of white skinned sahebs and their memsaebs. An enslaved brown race was ruled by a master white race. The inferiority complexed Indian saw in the ruler's white skin answer for his miserable existence.

The Indian is ready to forget that the gods he revers so passionately like Krishna was black or Shyam skinned or Ram had blue skin. Both did not have white skin.Yet so deep is ingrained the preference for white skin in Indian families that till date I have not seen a Matimonial ad seeking a brown or black skinned young female even when the bridegroom is by no yardstick a fair skinned handsome boy. Even Tamils and Malyalis want fair brides and specify girl's complexion as whitish.Even persons seeking a second marraige at a late age also want the bride to be of fair complexion.

I have seen a good number of well qualified brown/dark/black skinned Indain males having fair to white skinned wives. It is obvious that their earning potential has got them such wives. When you see them together you can't escape the irony of

skin mismatched couple. The worst is when in such couples the daughter takes to the father's skin color and the boy takes the mother's skin color. Now what will they do?

it is also a well known fact that all the fair creams and hundreds of tips do not change the color of the skin to a white or fair skin. As most of them have harmful bleaching agents ,temporarily the skin color becomes lighter and in no time returns back to its original color.The more the fair creams or tips are applied that much more harm is done to the skin. In fact the fair skin cream manufacturers are promoting the idea that fair skin is going to open the gates of acceptance and success and thus impressionable young girls and now even boys are foced to use them.

But selling the idea that one's vaginal area should also be fair and white is perhaps the next logical step into coaxing females to continue buying such product. For sake of business to what extent so called savy marketeers and producers can go is now evident.They may one day even come out with a solution which pregnant mothers should drink everyday to ensure that the child will be born with the fairest skin.

Will this craze for fair skin ever go down. Looks highly impossible. Will the fair cream manufacturers as part of their corporate social responsibility start applying the creams on buffaloes so that we can drink milk from white buffaloes and not black. Or will the milk turn into black color if the buffalo turn into white.

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