Do We Need To Setup Christmas Tree When Christmas Is Near?

I don't think so that it's necessary, all I know is it becomes a traditional act of every Christians around the world. They get their Christmas tree out of the storage room or box and set it up in and out of their house. Expect it to see when ber months arrive.

It's also the same on Christmas lanterns and lights that we commonly see hang up and decorated on the wall of everyone's house.

But the question is do we really need to have them setup in our house esp. this coming Christmas? I think, it does not really necessary as

long as you never forget the meaning of Christmas. Gift giving, attending the night masses (simbang gabi) and the like are the

things we should do during and after Christmas. Besides, it is the thought that counts and the presence of our loved ones.

Above all, Jesus Christ is the center of it and the reason why we should celebrate Christmas. But it's not only in Christmas we must do the above acts because honestly everyday can be Christmas for each and every one of us.

I hope what I say here makes sense to you.

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