Ek Tha Tiger --- Breaking Glass Panes And Blowing Cars And Romance In Between

The verdict is out. Salman Khan starrer Ek Tha Tiger is released today. The response of the viewers is mixed. Diehard Salman fans are calling it great but others are finding it just about OK. Is the seemingly box office invincible Salman going to deliver a Rs 140 crore plus hit or not.

There is plenty of action in the movie. But soon one gets bored of the repititive action scenes. It seems as if millions of glass panes and lakhs of cars are being blown up for no rhyme or reason. The film values are slick  as is to be

expected from a Yash Raj Films movie. But since when has a moviegoer gone to watch a movie only for its production values.

Salman does his action scenes in his usual slick manner but watching his ample waist go in all directions mars the effect. The director Kabir Khan seems to have not gathered the courage to ask his leading man to reduce his girth to look like an agile Tiger. 

The director is not able to decide whether ETT should be an all out action thriller or a romantic pot boiler. However, it is kind on his part that he takes only slightly more than two hours to come to the conclusion that he is still undecided. At which point the producers seem to have cut off the finances, leaving the director with no choice but to start showing the film credits. It is then the audience comes to know that the movie is over.

Katrina makes a nice pair with Salman. Her Hindi diction has improved. She provides relief between ever breaking glass panes and

jumping blown up cars which come smashing down. Her screen presence is great. Salman looks older to her but manages to pull the romance. The music is however not supportive of their screen chemistry.

However if you are a background watcher then ETT does not disappoint. It should open up another tourist destination, Cuba, for rich Indians. Iraq,Turkey and Dublin too look good.

By now in every movie, Salman has to remove his shirt and appear shirtless for his fans to admire his body, which now has grown in circumference at the centre. Half an hour before the end one starts wondering how will the shirt come off.

Salman is there in almost all scenes / frames. A few are shared with Katrina and still fewer with the likes of Girish Karnad and Shorey. After all a story has to be told. Even if the Tiger can single handedly take on the whole world and break all the glass panes the audience needs to see some more faces for a change.

Salman's continuing good luck may see ETT through at the box office and help him cross the Rs 100 crore club yet again. But can he join Aamir Khan at the Rs 200 crore club seems to be highly doubtfull. For that he should have broken a lot lesser glass panes

.Watch the movie for Cuba, Dublin, Istanbul, Katrina and of course Salman Khan. But you are forewarned.

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