The Importance Of Zero In Indian Economy

The fascination for certain number combinations is so fantastic in certain persons that they are ready to pay astronomical sums of money to acquire them. These exclusive numbers gives their owners a sense of exclusivity and a unique identity and a recognition which they seem to enjoy and are ready to go to any length for getting them.

it should therefore come as no surprise that people pay not in thousands not in lakhs but even in crore of rupees to get a desired mobile number or a car registration number. These are now being referred to

as VIP numbers.

A number which has '786' one time or two times in succession makes it qualify as an exclusive VIP number. Obviously only one person does not desire it. The fact that more than one person wants such exclusive number is what is cashed on by telecom and transport authorities. Instead of alloting them free like coal mine allocations, the numbers are auctioned. People are ready to pay any amounts for getting these exclusive numbers and the companies make money in the bargain. At least they cannot be accused of using descretionary powers and favouritism unlike the2G or coal allocations.

A number which has a digit five times in succession like x11111xyza  can cost lakhs of rupees. Also with passage of time these VIP numbers appreciate in value. For example a VIP number which has 9 seven times was bought for Rs 48,000 a year ago is today fetching Rs 1.5 lakhs. Mobile companies are on the lookout for oppurtunities to auction exclusive numbers as it brings in extra rupees. A number, x000000000, is reported to have been sold for a record Rs 14.5 crore in 2011 to a Jalandhar businessman.

Now in a country where people are ready to pay

in crores to get a VIP mobile number which is not going to bring them any tangible benefit on a continual basis, isn't it extremely surprising that the natural resources that will bring untold wealth to its private owners is given free of cost by the government. Coal blocks have been given on a free allotment basis to private parties both by the Congress and earlier BJP led governments.

Thanks to the CAG it is coming out in the open. Was this not known to the politicians since past so many decades. Yet none of them ever raised the free loot of country's vital resource in any forum including the Communists. Just imagine, all one had to do was to somehow get a coal block alloted and that would raise the valuation of the company many times and bring in handsome returns without any investment in white. Perhaps black coal needed investment in black.

The resource of all Indians was transferred to  a private party without any financial consideration and the poor people of India remained poor. Their wealth was being squandered by its own elected representatives. How much more can the governance in the country go down the drain.

Thus zeroes are valued in crores and crores are valued in zeroes in the country which gave zero to the world.

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