Bjp : Permanent Opposition Party To Temporary Ruling Party

The Bhartiya Janta Party or the BJP has also rightly been called the Bhartiya Jhagda Party. We have seen how it has more leaders at the top, who keep coming in each others way. This plethora of leaders, is being projected as a healthy phenomenon, when compared to single top leaders in many other parties.

The regional leaders, in form of Chief Ministers, are also exerting themselves from time to time. Even ex-CM's are now imposing their will on the party's top leadership. The party President has been, it seems, reduced to a rubber stamp.

Some time back, we saw how the

Gujarat CM had his way, when he threatened to resign from the party's main forum, if his bete noire Sanjay Joshi was not removed from the party. The BJP president almost dutifully carried out the wish of the CM and Joshi was shown the exit door. Only then did the CM attend the National Executive Committee meeting, admist a grand orchestered welcome. Some of the party's veterens were offended but could do nothing.

Now we are seeing, yet another bowing down by the party's top leadership, to the command of the ex- CM of Karnataka, to have his loyalist sworn in as the new CM. The party President has once again given way and the new CM will soon be sworn in, but, before the Presidential election, so that the party is not embarrased again, in case they boycot the elections.

A few weeks ago, the party's Lok Sabha member and Leader of Opposition, on her own initiative, stated that the party  will not support Pranab Mukherjee for President and almost insulted the current

Vice President, who was also at that time being considered for the post. The party had to go in for damage control.

BJP has been repeatedly saying that the Congress did not consult it on Pranab's candidature, but it itself could not manage its NDA partners like JD(U) and Shiv Sena to back its borrowed candidate Sangma.

Every one knows that the BJP is controlled by the RSS, but it keeps denying it and ever so often gets exposed, when RSS openly expresses its desire, which they then dutifully carry out.

This is not to say that other political parties are any better. But BJP always tries to portray itself as a party with a difference. It always tries to demonstrate, that it is on a high moral pedestal. It keeps rubbing  in, that its interpretation of  Indian culture is the only true version, others are almost traitors. It keeps minorities under leash all the time, yet keeps saying that they are truly secular and all others are pseudo secular.

It is in view of above, that one expects BJP not to behave as other parties do. If they can't, then let them stop preaching to the country. First of all, let them promise, that they will allow the Parliament to function smoothly.

The BJP has to change, if it wants to move from a permanent opposition party to an occassional or temporary  ruling party.

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