Beth Jayiye Please (bjp) -- The Most Frequent Dialog Heard In Parliament

Both the Houses of  Parliament have been once again adjourned, due to the BJP's insistence of not allowing them to function over the so called Coal scam. It has now become a regular feature with BJP, in every session to stall the House proceedings to the maximum extent possible. The impression now is, that this party is not interested in allowing the Govt. to legialate and thus function.

Parliament is a place for dialog and debate and not for members to constantly agitate. It is by now predictable that all the BJP members will rush to the well of the House

and soon the Speaker will adjourn the House for the day.

For no work also the MP's will get paid. The country is deprived of hearing both sides debate on facts and figures. Very boldly the leaders of the opposition parties say that creating conditions inside the House leading to frequent adjournments is a legitimate weapon in Parliamentary democracy. But when such weapon is used five times a week it is no longer a weapon.

A government is elected for a period of five years and it should be allowed to function. The opposition should bring to notice of the government and public any shortcomings and also highlight issues which need attention. But this has to be done in a civilised manner by both government and the oppposition.


we are witnessing is street level politics of one upmanship all the time. The govt does not take opposition into confidence and they in turn do not allow them to function. In the process it is the country which is suffering. It is surprising to note that a large number of Bills are not reaching the Parliament simply because the opposition and the govt. do not seem to agree on anythig these days.

If the Congress lacks someone like Jawaharlal Nehru,a staunch Parliamentarian, the opposition too lacks, an equally staunch Atal Behari Vajpayee. The hapless Speaker requesting the constantly agitated members to Beth Jayiye has now become Parliament's signature tune.

It seems that BJP is not able to come out of its permanent opposition mode and the Congress seems to be in a temporary governing mode. Time, both decided to rise to the occassion and restore Parliament's smooth functioning and help take  the country out of difficult times.

Let the country listen to well researched dialogs and debates. Let not "Beth Jayiye" be the most common dialog to emerge out of Parliamentary proceedings.Members are supposed to contribute and not the hapless Speaker.

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