Best Time When Sachin And Pm Should Have Retired

It is very important to decide when to quit. Sticking on to a job for too long can result in having to quit later on in very unfavorable circumstances. It most of the times involves loss of reputation and much avoidable troubles and hassels.

Presently two of country's most famous persons are subject of perhaps their overstaying in their jobs. The more famous is the PM. Second is the cricket legend Sachin Tendulkar. Both are limping along hoping to regain their early glory which brought them name and fame. Both are too much respected by a large number of Indians to

be curtly told that it is time to quit.

Poor PM has lost a lot of his well earned credibility due to his colleauges letting him down again and again. The honest person that he is, has been superbly used by wily politicians on both sides, to their advantage. Some of his cabinet and party colleauges have allegedly amassed huge wealth and he is taking the flake on their behalf. Till recently it was a nice situation where the country was led to believe that under the leadership of a very honest PM everything is above board. Now the only solace one can draw is that the poor PM continues to be personally honest  but was presiding over a cabinet and leading a government of many corrupt persons. The PM was being used to keep the seat warm for the declared next PM in waiting.  The messiah of economic reforms will go down in history as a leader who could not control the alleged greed of his many colleauges. 

The great cricketer that he is notwithstanding, it is also now time for Sachin to call it quits and gracefully

retire. There is no point in going out and scoring runs in thirties and forties and once in a blue moon hitting a high score. The more he plays and scores low his super image in the minds of his fans gets erased. What is he gaining by overstaying. He has broken all records and created many records, some of which will be very difficult to break. His stature in Indian cricket is so high and the Indian culture also will not permit anyone concerned to tell him to retire. He will have to decide his retirement date himself.

That is the  problem. Both can not decide when to quit. The PM should have retired at the end of UPA's first term ie in 2009 before the new elections were held. Imagine the respect and high status he would be enjoying today in the country and the world. Perhaps there would be cries to bring him back. Instead almost every one agrees it is time for him to retire.

Similarly Sachin also should have retired after scoring his 100th hundred. His departure in a blaze of glory would be what fans would remember, instead of watching him get repeatedly clean bowled lock, stock and barrel and the pathetic look on his face thereafter.

In both cases the present images of are of helplessness and are erasing the otherwise bright images we had of them in their not so long ago hey days.

Will they or will they not quit is going to be watched with great interest by all.

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