Baba Anna And Baba Ramdev--- Long Live The Babas

In a span of less than a week, India has witnessed, the drama by two Babas, namely, Baba Ramdev and Baba Anna Hazare, in New Delhi. The media is having a field day and the handfull  of commentators, are studio hopping from one channel to another. In the process the two leading political parties ,Congress and BJP, are fighting for space with antics of their own.

Baba Ramdev, a teacher of Yoga, has seen his training camps being attended by thousands of persons, eager to learn breathing techniques and  asanas that can relieve them of chronic pains. Yoga isan  ancient Indian

system which recently has come into limelight due to some TV channels beaming Ramdev's live yoga classes. The large attendances seem to have gone to Baba's head and he started dreaming of entering into politics. He siezed upon the issue of corruption and the stashing away of large quantities of  Indian money in foreign tax heavens including Switzerland. At the yoga camps, Ramdev would bring up the topic of black money and need to bring Indian money from foreign accounts.  Naturally evereyone would agree to it . Baba perhaps saw it as an affirmation of his being accepted as a leader by his yog followers. Over the years he also collected crores of Rupees as donation and spread his empire in India and abroad.

As opposed to Baba Ramdev is the relatively  simpleton Anna Hazare also called baba by his followers. He is also fighting against corruption and wants the Parliament to pass the Lokpal Bill which will have provisions of prosecuting corrupt politicians and officials. The already constituted drafting committee of which Anna and few of his colleauges are members along with Govt Ministers are negotiating the Bill draft

and differences have cropped up.

Baba Ramdev announced a fast unto death at Ramlila ground in Delhi on the issue of black money, and invited his followers to Delhi to join him in large numbers under the guise of holding yoga classes for them. The Govt at first treated him as a VIP and sent ministers to palacate him and also convince him of its desire to fight the menace of black money and made him agree to fast for two three days and then announce that as agreement is reached with govt the fast is called off. The Baba did not keep his promise and Govt launched a brutal police attack on the Baba and his followers at  0130 AM in the night and the baba was sent packing to Haridwar where he is now continuing his fast.

Anna sat on a token fast on June 9th to protest against the brutal attack on Ramdev's followers. He recd good support from all sections of the society and across the country.

The moot point is that the country now seems to be in the grip of Babas. This is because most of the politicians have become armchair executives who only seem to be interested in making money for themselves. They have thus vacated the space and it is now occupied by the Babas. The Govt is fighting them , the BJP is piggyriding on them and the media is earning off them. Where will it lead the country, perhaps another Baba is needed to tell us .Long live the Babas.

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