Are Marketing & Selling Two Sides Of The Same Coin

Very often the interesting question of difference between marketing and selling crpos up. Which is more important and more relevant. Why no one likes to be called salesman and everyone wants to be known as a marketer. However in reality marketing and selling are two sides of the same coin.

As is well known selling is the act of performing a deal where a good or service is exchanged for a defined value between at least two persons. Upon closing of the exchange process the momentorily established relationship is terminated. Selling is thus a need based activity. It fulfils a transient

demand which is not created by the seller but originates from the needs of a buyer.

Marketing is a process by which demand is either created or existing demand is sought to be sustained or expanded. Marketing is also a regulatory function. It creates space for its goods and services amongst likely customers. Marketing is a long term relationship based activity. Even as the demands are being fulfilled marketing continues to interact with the cuatomers.

Therefore while marketing creates,selling fulfills the demand. The function of selling can be said to derive from the process of marketing. Marketing is a communication function. It informs, educates , empowers by creating product awareness in target customers. It then skillfully tries to entice them in a persuasive manner to fulfill their demands by the offered product or services.

Selling is a mechanical process  which  is

largely predetermined  and only needs to be executed as the final stage in a set of activities most of the time initiated by the marketing process. Selling does not have control on the product or service being offered. There is a very narrow window available and most of the time it can result in expected benefits not being realised to the full.

Marketing involves planning, organising, leading, initiative, contol type of activities in areas of advertising,distributing, pricing of products to meet the created or enhanced demand. Marketing is adoption of strategies to meet a stated objective derived from a mission / vision statement of the organisation.

Selling is very often the last step in meeting customer demands but very often also the first step in information feedback. Selling also involves the collection of information in the actual field conditions and its transmission upwards.

Marketing recieves the selling information and acts upon it. It is theiir function to lay down marketing (selling) policies. Selling then carries out their functions as per the program and procedures laid down in the policy.

Thus to put it lightly marketing is the brain and selling is the hands and legs in the process of meeting the demands of customers. Both are important but the debate will go on.

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