Anna Hazare, Sachin Tendulkar, And Lokpal ---the Week Ahead.

The week begining Dec. 26, 2011, promises to be a tremendous week for Indians. On the same day the first test match begins between the touring Indians and Australia. A day later the Indian Parliament meets to discuss the Lokpal Bill. On the same day Anna Hazare will sit on a three day fast in Mumbai to protest at the weak lokpal proposed by the Govt.

The test match is a five day affair and the parliamentry debate is supposed to last  three days in a specially called sesssion. Anna's three days fast will be followed by a Jail Bharo andholan from

Jan 1, 2012.

In the test match all Indian eyes will be on the great Sachin as to whether he gets his 100th hundred or not and a lot many Australians will come to watch the three greats of Indian cricket ie Sachin, Dravid and Laxman play their last test series in Australia. But a larger number of Indians will watch the parliamentry debate as to what type of Lokpal the country will get. Perhaps all lof  India will watch and support Anna during his three days fast.

If Sachin scores the much anticipated century there will be jubiliations all over the country. His case for getting the Bharat Ratna will become very strong .If the parliament passes the weak Lokpal Bill there will be a sense of being cheated . If Anna's three day fast is followed by Jail Bharo andholan all over the country it will be a very bitter affair and will lead to a piquant situation where a Lokpal

is established by the parliament and the people are rejecting it by resorting to agitations. Will Anna be arrested again?

What if india wins the test match but looses the Lokpal battle. What if Sachin scores a century and the test is drawn but parliament passes a waek Lokpal Bill. What if India looses the test match but Anna is arrested and violent agitations break out. What if ---- and one can go on.

The mood of the country will depend on both  Sachin and Anna. The third player ie the Govt has announced its clear intentions. It is not going to give in to Anna's and thereby the peoples wishes. It wants to keep the CBI with itself with the  obvious intention of using it to make politically inconvenient  persons/institutions fall in line. It is left to the Sachins and Annas to play by rules and play for the country. The politicians will play for themselves but try to make it appear that they are playing for the country.

 Best of luck to both  Sachin and Anna for achieving their well deserved goals. What can we wish for our politicians who have gone far away from the people who elect them. May the distance between the two reduce by leaps and bounds.

The mood at the end of 2011 will decide what will 2012 be like.



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