Anna Hazare And Baba Ramdev Jointly Must Win The Fight Against Corruption

At last both Anna Hazare and Baba Ramdev have come together, to jointly fight against a non responsive government. Anna is fighting for Lokpal to curb corruption and Ramdev is agitating for bringing the black money stashed abroad, to be brought back, into the country. Both have chosen, two of the many problems, which are corroding the country and sapping its strength.

It is now more than one year, since they both, launched their respective agitations. Anna's Lokpal Bill, however truncated, was passed in the Lok Sabha, but in a midnight drama, saw the Rajya Sabha, adjourned sine die, and the

Bill is still pending. It is widely expected to meet the fate similar to the Women's Reservation Bill. Ramdev, for his effort, was hounded out of Delhi, in the now infamous mid night swoop at Ramlila Maidan exactly a year ago.

Is their coming together going to affect the government in any way. Going by past experience, it is unlikely that anything concrete, would be achieved this time also. However, it is significant, that both have decided to jointly take the anti corruption movement ahead. The people of the country are going to keenly wait for the results of this joint venture.

The attack on 15 ministers,including the Prime Minister, is very significant.

It has been done with a finesse, which will bear fruit, in the near future. How long can a honest PM, preside over a cabinet, half of which is charged with corrupt practices.

The politicians when in power think themselves to be above the law and keep doling out favours on considerations. The nation's resources are used as personal property and used to enrich themselves. Till now no one would pursue these corrupt politicians in a fight to finish.

This is were both Anna and Ramdev and their close associates have to be complemented for not giving up and mounting pressure with good homework. Let the dishonest ministers and officials answer their misdeeds. Let them be investigated and punished if found guilty.

If India has to become a super power, we have to do so honestly and it is very essential that clean and honest leaders should be leading us. It is time to weed out the corrupt persons in power and both punish and banish them.

Both Anna and Ramdev deserve our support and good wishes. For the sake of India they have to succeed.


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