Anna And Baba Ramdev Again Old Wine In New Bottle

The gone by labour day yesterday has induced the Baba to go on yet another yatra to force the government to bring back the black money of Indians in foreign banks. Simultaneously,Anna Hazare has launched his yatra in Maharashtra to create awareness on the need for a strong Lokpal .Both are out to acheive their stated aims by moving amongst the people of the country.However it seems to be a case of old wine in new bottle.Only the casing is soght to be changed.

Will they be able to move the masses in the same manner as they did when they started their

movements about an year ago.Remember the response Anna got in Delhi which moved the whole nation and forced the Rajya Sabha to sit late into the night after the Lok Sabha had passed a Lokpal Bill. Remember the equally good response Baba Ramdev got when he sat at the Ramlia Maidan in Delhi and a worried government launched the infamous midnight police action to eject him out of Delhi.

However since then both Anna and Baba seem to have lost their shine and now are a pale reflection of those successful fighter images they managed to create for themselves. Much water has flown since in all Indian rivers. The Baba has been spitting fire at the government and the family heading the Congress. It is clear from his utterings that revenge seems to be his prime motive now.Anna has also been let down by his close core team members who themselves are not above board,.His weak defence of the inflated travel bills by one of his close associates, has I am sure lost him lot of support of the service class,where such act would invite punishment to the extent of dismisssal.

The Baba has now resorted to shouting a sure sign of frustration setting in.His  utterance today that the Parliament memberes are liars,murderes,looters etc. is in very poor taste and does not enhance his image one bit, Without providing a roadmap and all the time issuing threats has resulted in his loosing appeal significantly and is

now confined to a particular section and class of the society.

Anna has also lost his appeal but is still at a higher pedestal than the Baba.The main reason being that he is personally honest and does not have business interests to cater to .Also he comes out as a sincere person who has  led a spartan life and is perceived to be more nearer to Gandhian principles. However his impatience with the existing  political system and total inflexibility is reducing his effectivity amongst the masses. After all he has to get his lokpal from the existing political system only. Fighting them or humiliating them is not going to help his cause.

A year ago the political class would dare not talk, against the Bab or Anna. Today even BJP politicians are speaking against the Baba.  There is no unanimity amongst the core team of Anna and this is telling on the decreased public response.

Both of them should have stuck to their core competency and within it created a powerful awareness about corruption and black money, amongst the masses. They would have attained a very high moral stature and it would be difficult for the government to not to listen to them. By coming on the streets they have been reduced to fighting street smart politicians who have simply worn them down and it is the public which is fatigued.In a street fight there is only one result which gets you support and that is a victory. A loss or a draw is not acceptable. This has affected Anna Hazare'sfight against corruption.

.Now by going back to the streets both the Baba and Anna are once again lending themselves to be neutralised by the politicians and an increasingly indifferent public.

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