Aggressive Indian Tv Anchors

The mushrooming of TV channels especially in the English and Hindi languages has thrown up a galaxy of anchors. Those interested in watching prime time news debates can enjoy these with their favourite anchor every evening. The anchors have now become bigger than the  programmes and the channels.

Most of the time no one remembers the name of the channels. It is always now referred by the anchor's name. Some of the anchors have started gaining immense credibillity and soon a few of them could turn into an icon. One can already sense the discomfort that many guests feel while answering

pointed questions especially involving issues of moral turpitude.

It is to be expected that there will be differences in styles of presentation between the diffferent anchors.  However all of them are aggressive in their questioning. They  generally do not allow a questiont to  be propely answered before they jump to another question. Guests these days are frequently complaining that they are not being allowed to complete their answers. Another grouse against the anchors is that they are more interested in furthering their pre set agenda rather than having an open discussion. Seems to be true many times.

One common characterstic of the anchors is that they talk very loudly and are almost shouting. Another habit is the long sermon type style of questioning. Also most of them pass judgements and declare conclusions giving the impression of a media trial. The anchors also seem to forget  a participant many a times. 

It is also seen that the number of participants is kept

large than is necessary. This gives less time to each participant and everyone including the anchor is under time pressure.  Most of the time the same set of participants are brought and this is creating a sense of staleness. Also most of the channels also approach the same participants for their views thus variety is a casualty.

Of late all the anchors have started beating their trumpets. They are now claiming credit for many actions by the authorities because they higlighted the issue first and others followed. The fight for the viewership is really hotting up. The time for evening debates has also now been increased.

However it is to the credit of these new anchors that  increased attention is being given to issues which earlier on would go almost unreported. The formats are equally interesting. The presentations are becoming more and more slicker. The range of topics is becoming broader. It is very pleasing to see many wrong doers getting exposed and many affected getting attention and adequate compensation. The shady politicians are the ones getting rightly exposed.

The anchors deserve both our praise and thanks. They have raised Indian broadcasting to new heights and rightly the viewership has gone up. Nine o'clock in the evening is the time to come in front of the TV and watch the anchors performing many roles on our behalf. 

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Am a retired professional who is now into education of International Business and management topics. I enjoy writing and like reading on politics,economics,management and films. I take life as it comes and try to keep myself busy with a variety of activities.

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