Adieu Sachin Tendulkar -- But Will He ?

It is time now Sachin Tendulkar must announce his retirement date from all forms of cricket. It is pathetic to see him repeatedly get clean bowled, lock, stock and barrel. For a batsman of his reputation this is not the way to get out.

It is rightly observed by both Manjrekar and Gavaskar that Sachin's reflections have got weaker due to age. The resposes have also become wee bit slower. This is not something peculiar happening to Sachin. It is a natural process due to age factor.

All of us, as we age tend to become slower and slower in our reflctions

and responses. For sportsmen these are critical as they have to decide, in a fraction of a second, how to tackle the on coming challenge. At that age one's past skills or heroics do not come to help.

Sachin goes early in the innings to bat and thus has to face fast bowlers. The response time available to him is in microseconds. Any furthur slowness in his reaction can mean a disaster as is seen in his getting clean bowled. The ball, in his case, repeatedly goes through the offered slow bat and legs and uproots the wicket and Sachin is seen almost falling to the ground in his forward pose. It makes a pathetic image on the TV screen and is shown repeatedly.

Why does Sachin not accept the inevitable. It is time to retire with grace. Why go when  everyone will shout 'Please go'. The BCCI or the selectors are perhaps afraid and lack the courage to either drop him or advise him to quit. This is because he has acquired a God like stature in

Indian cricket. No one wants to commit the sin of asking him to say bye to first class cricket.

As we all know he has no more records to break. In fact everytime he scores now is creating records. However there are limits to everything - even to going on creating meaningless records. Starting at sixteen ,he has now perhaps had the longest run in Indian cricket. It has been a glorious stint. His batting has brought laurels to him and India. Both in India and abroad, his fans have flocked the stadiums to watch him play. He has numerous records against his name. He has earned handsomly from cricket. His name and fame are assured for all times to come.

Then why does Sachin not call it a day? How long will he believe that he is as invincible as he was say, even two or three years ago. Once in a blue moon he will hit a fifty or a sixty/seventy and may even hit a hundred in a laborious manner. It does not mean anything now.

Sad to say but the truth now is that Indian cricket does not need Sachin anymore. There are plenty of promising young batsmen  in the queue waiting for a chance.. 

Even his idol the great Bradman retired gracefully. So it is time for the great Sachin Tendulkar to call it a day and leave happy memories of his record contributions in the minds of his vast legion of fans.

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