4g Service Launched In India

The Telecom company Bharti Airtel on Tuesday launched its broadband wireless access (BWA) services based on 4G technology in Kolkata.

With this launch, it has became the first  to launch the 4G service in India.

The high speed service was inaugurated  by the Union Communications Minister Kapil Sibal.

 4G is expected to be five times quicker than 3G services. It would offer services such as high-definition mobile TV and video conferencing.

In March 2008 the International Telecommunications Union, laid down the specification for 4G standards called the International lMoile Telecommunications Advanced specification,wheerin it specified the peak speed requirement  for 4G service at  100 megabits per second, for

high mobilty communication (in trains and cars) and 1 gigabit per second for low mobility communication (by pedestrians and stationary users).

Since 1981,almost every ten years,new mobile generations have appeared. In 1981 it was 1G and transmission was by analog. In 1992,  2G appeared and transmision went digital. In 2001 the 3G was introduced with multi media support, spectrum spread transmission. Now from 2011 onwards we are witnessing 4G,which incorporates internet protocol packet switched networks operating  at very high speeds in the gigabit ranges.

One of the main advantages of the fourth generation technology known as

4G is the exchange of data at very high speeds,say at 100 Mbit/sec compared to 3G speeds of 3.84 Mbit/sec.

4G networks when tied together with mobile phones having high resolution digital cameras are expected to develop video blogs. 4G will place very large amounts of bandwidth in the hand of the user.

It isexpected that 4G will change the way we work,live and play. Reliable and  very high speed data transmissions will facilitate studio quality video and sound transmissions. Mobile manufacturers are coming out with 4G mobile sets compatible with 4G high speed and high definition  transmissions, like HTC EVO 4Gand Motorola Atrix4G

India is one of the few countries where 4G has been introduced. Other telecom companies are also gearing up to launch the 4G services in the circles they won in the auction for 4G spectrum in which the Government earned more than Rs 38,000 crores.

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